Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) diagnosis is done by rapidly increasing investigative DNA levels using a simple principle. The PCR technique is used for screening for genetic diseases and disorders as well as cancer. This technique is arguably the most accurate testing procedure to date.

PolGene®Genotypic HIV-1 Drug Resistance Assay kit

The PolGene®Genotypic HIV-1 Drug Resistance Assay kit examines the polymerase gene screening for mutated nucleotides. Currently there are many HIV-1 genotypic drug resistance kits available for purchase.

SolGent Molecular Diagnosis

BRIA has exported SolGent molecular diagnostic products from Korea for laboratory servicing and distribution in territory. The principle of the SolGent test kits is RNA/DNA amplification on the conventional PCR and the real time PCR machine. The reagents come in 4 premixed components:  the primers and the probe, nucleotides and the Taq DNA polymerase in buffer, the control template and the nuclease free water. The Taq DNA polymerase stability has been proved actively throughout the test performance. In addition, the SolGent kit contains the UDG (uracil DNA glycoslase) system in order to eliminate the cross contamination during the amplification process. The Solgent kit come in two box sizes: 20 tests and 100 tests.

The SolGent molecular diagnostic test can be divided in two categories, pathogen detection and genotyping test.

    Pathogen detection

    • DiaPlexC™ RV 13 Detection Kit
    • DiaPlexQ™ RV16 Detection Kit
    • DiaPlexQ™ & DiaPlexC™ Influenza Virus A Subtype Detection Kit
    • DiaPlexQ™ & DiaPlexC™ Influenza Virus A/B Type Detection Kit
    • DiaPlexQ™ PneumoPatho13 Detection Kit
    • DiaPlexQ™ PneumoPatho6 Detection Kit
    • DiaPlexQ™ & DiaPlexC™ MTC/NTM Detection Kit
    • DiaPlexC™ M.Avium/M.intracellular Detection Kit
    • DiaPlexC™ Malaria Detection Kit
    • DiaPlexQ™ Dengue Virus Detection Kit
    • DiaPlexQ™ CT/NG Detection Kit
    • DiaPlexQ™ STI7 Detection Kit
    • DiaPlexQ™ & DiaPlexC™ Mycoplasma Detection Kit
    • DiaPlexQ™ Mycoplasma 9 Detection Kit
    • DiaPlexC™ Bacteria Detection kit
    • DiaPlexC™ Fungi Detection Kit
    • DiaPlexC™ CRE Detection Kit

    Genotyping Test

    • DiaPlexQ™ & DiaPlexC™ Avellino Corneal Dystrophy (ACD) Genotyping Kit
    • DiaPlexQ™ & DiaPlexC™ ApoE Genotyping Kit
    • DiaPlexQ™ & DiaPlexC™ MTHFR Genotyping Kit
    • DiaPlexC™ G6PD Genotyping Kit (African)
    • DiaPlexC™ G6PD Genotyping Kit (Asian)

* DiaPlexQ™ reagent for real-time PCR method,  DiaPlexC™ reagent for Conventional PCR method.

More SolGent product information please contact photchanathorn.p@brianet.com