“NIFTY test” A new dimension for prenatal screening of fetal Down syndrome.

A simple and innovative technology for fetal Down syndrome screening during pregnancy, using only 5 cc of mother’s blood sample for the screening of risks of chromosome abnormalities in fetus with accuracy, that helps reduce risks of miscarriage after amniocentesis.

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“Food Tolerance” testing on 221 types of foods with MicroArray technique

Food allergies are more dangerous than you think; some people can even potentially lose their lives due to having severe allergy on certain foods. As a consequence, food tolerance testing is essentially necessary for us to avoid consuming certain foods that we are allergic to, as well as conduct proper nutritional planning for ourselves. At BRIA LAB, we provide food tolerance testing on 221 types of foods with MicroArray technique, with specialized and experienced nutritionist to take care of your food consumption.

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“Tumor Marker” screening for almost all cancer types using blood sample

With innovative technology from the United States to screen for tumor marker from blood sample, up to 11 types of tumor markers can be detected. It is also possible to indicate certain body organs that can potentially have cancer formation from each tumor marker screened. Tumor marker screening delivers a result with precision and promptitude, under affordable prices.

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