The Benchmark in Non-invasive Liver Diagnostic

Innovative non-invasive assessment of liver fibrosis and necro-inflammatory activity for patients with HCV,HBV, ALD(Alcoholic Liver Disease) and NAFLD(Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease).

  • Liver fibrosis results from chronic damage to the liver in conjunction with the accumulation of ECMP which is a characteristic of most types of chronic liver diseases.
  • The accumulation of ECMP distorts the hepatic architecture by forming a fibrous scar and the subsequent development of nodules of regenerating hepatocytes defines cirrhosis.

A non-invasive blood test of 6 biochemical markers that provide METAVIR fibrosis staging and necro-inflammatory grading.

  • Fibrosis states are clinically silent. Only advanced states when scars are overwhelming the organ’s functions that clinical symptoms can be detected.
  • The early detection of hepatic fibrosis and its worsening associated factors is essential because there are now effective treatments that can prevent the occurrence of cirrhosis and thus its complication (liver cancer, digestive hemorrhage and hepatic insufficiency)

First line of diagnostic and Recommened by American and European guideline

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