ELISA is a simple and convenient method to get fast and accurate diagnostic results. By screening for antigens in a liquid matter sample, we can detect the presence of various infectious diseases. This method is highly efficient and very affordable.

Infectious Disease

  • Brucellosis disease test kit
    • Brucella IgG 96T/Kit
    • Brucella IgM 96T/Kit
  • Dengue test kit
    • Dengue IgG Indirect 96T/Kit
    • Dengue IgM Capture 96T/Kit
    • Dengue DUO IgM & IgG Capture 192T/Kit
    • JE-Dengue IgM Combo
  • Human herpesvirus-infected disease test kit
    • Human Herpesvirus 6 IgG 96T/Kit
    • Human Herpesvirus 6 IgM 96T/Kit
  • Leptospirosis test kit
    • Leptospira IgM 96T/Kit
  • West Nile Virus disease test kit
    • West Nile Virus IgM Capture 96T/Kit
    • West Nile Virus IgG Capture 96T/Kit