Company Profile – BRIA Group


Dr. Ninlawan Petcharaburanin, an ambitious and passionate medical technologist, founded Thailand’s first privately owned laboratory known as Bangkok R.I.A. (BRIA) LAB. Her vision is to provide prompt and accurate clinical diagnostic services to ensure patients would receive a better quality of care when treated. Today, BRIA LAB is still Thailand’s largest privately owned medical diagnostic center with up-to-date laboratories and innovative medical appliances.

It is operated daily and controlled by an experienced and specialized medical staff. We deliver accurate and prompt results for all of our medical diagnostic tests. Customers can submit specimens or visit our Health Center directly for your convenience.

BRIA LAB has been certified ISO9002 in 1998, and further developed to ISO9001 in 2000. Additionally, BRIA LAB had also been certified ISO 15189 for bacterial diagnosis in 2007. Quality is paramount at BRIA LAB as proved by receiving standard certifications in 78 categories extending our services to programs such as immunology, thyroid endocrinology, chemistry, tumor marker testing and hematology. Our 648 square meter operational area consists of the following laboratories:

  • Common laboratory
  • Bacteria laboratory
  • Pathology laboratory
  • Molecular biology laboratory
  • Toxicology laboratory

Pacific Biotech CO.,LTD.

Dr. Ninlawan’s vision did not stop at the development of BRIA LAB, however. In 1995, she established Thailand’s first manufacturer of diagnostic rapid test kits under the name Pacific Biotech CO. LTD. Prior to Pacific Biotech’s operation, many of these test kits (e.g. pregnancy or drug abuse) had to imported from other countries. Pacific Biotech has received GMP Certification, ISO 9001, and ISO 13485 and is proud that Thailand can manufacture high quality products like other technologically advanced countries.

Every single manufacturing procedure of our factory is controlled and tested by specialists to guarantee the highest efficiency for all products. Our Diagnostic Rapid Test Kits can be categorized by:

  • Infection test kits – HIV, hepatitis virus, malaria, tuberculosis, and syphilis.
  • Drug of abuse test kits – amphetamine, ecstasy, morphine, cannabis, and cocaine.
  • Pregnancy test kits – hCG testing and ovulation testing.

Pacific Biotech CO.,LTD. also provides collection device manufacturing such as ORA-SURE and ORA-QUICK.

BRIA Health Care Center

BRIA Health Care Center provides complete health check ups for preventative care and more than 700 different medical diagnostic services. We use up-to-date medical appliances to provide diagnostic result reporting and health-related counseling. Our staff is experienced and will provide you with accurate results, help you realize your own health conditions, and advise you on how you can readjust your behaviors to achieve sickness-free healthy living.