Tumor Marker Screening

The sooner cancer cell is discovered, the faster it can be cured.

Who said that cancer cannot be cured?

Cancer is a condition in which cells in a specific part of the body begin to reproduce uncontrollably. It is universally redoubtable because most people discover they have cancer during its final stages, which is when it is almost impossible to cure. The sooner primary cancer is discovered; the better and more likely it can be cured.

Tumor Marker Screening is an initial cancer screening using a blood sample to screen for tumor markers. Eleven types of tumor markers can be detected. This technique delivers precise results and is very affordable.

Cancer Cell-Related Tumor Markers

We look for the following tumor markers. If any of these markers are found it could mean cancer formation on the organs listed:

  1. CA19-9: large intestine, pancreas, liver, stomach
  2. AFP: liver, stomach, pancreas, testis
  3. CEA: stomach, large intestine, pancreas, lung and liver
  4. HCG: ovary, liver, lung, stomach, anus
  5. HGH: lung
  6. CA 153: breast, ovary, liver, lung, stomach, anus
  7. f-PSA: prostate, endometrium, liver, lung, pancreas, breast
  8. PSA: prostate, endometrium, liver, lung, pancreas, breast
  9. NSE: lung, pancreas, thyroid
  10. CA 125: ovary, liver, stomach, pancreas, breast, uterus
  11. Ferritin: liver, breast, lung, pancreas

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