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Mr.Tosapol Pichayayothin, CEO of Bangkok R.I.A. group donates 200,000 Baht for NASTVAC.

The nasal-spray Covid-19 vaccine “NASTVAC” : COVID-19 Intranasal Vaccines developed by Thailand’s National Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (Biotech)-NSTDA, is expected to start testing on humans by April 2022. The PI of this project is Dr. Anan Jongkaewwattana Dr Anan Jongkaewwattana, director of the agency’s Veterinary Health Innovation and Management Research Group Unit.

It is with great pleasure of Bangkok R.I.A. group to support NASTVAC, COVID-19 Intranasal Vaccines research project for Thai people. We are hopeful and proud of NSTDA – Biotech team that strengthen Thailand’s capacity in producing COVID-19 Intranasal Vaccines from upstream to downstream. The importance of supporting research and development of locally-made vaccines will help our country get through this difficult time and return back to normal.

The 1st Certificate of “Biotin Interference Free” in Thailand.

BRIA Lab receiving the 1st certificate of “Biotin Interference Free” in Thailand.

Biotin interference poses a risk to laboratory tests that incorporate the free biotin-streptavidin capture method. We know the risk is real, as there has been an increase in the number of adverse events reported to the FDA associated with biotin interference with laboratory tests.

Be confident in the test result from BRIA Lab which is “Biotin Interference Free”.

Thank you for caring about the patient safety!!!

Westgard Sigma Certification for 2nd Re-Verification of BRIA LAB Analytical Performance

Bangkok RIA Lab Co., Ltd. has joined the Westgard Sigma Verification Program together with Westgard QC, Inc. Madison WI, USA –Abbott, which is proud to re-verify that the Sigma-performance of BRIA LAB is achieving the appropriate goals of analytical quality performance on March 15, 2019

Six Sigma is a method of process improvement which focuses on minimizing variability in process outputs.  In order to achieve Six Sigma, a process must not produce more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities. In a Laboratory context, this would equate to 3.4 failed QC results per million QC runs. That allows only 3.4 pieces of waste in the system to produce millions of products.


New year holidays

BRIA clinic will be unavailable from Saturday, 29th December 2018 to Tuesday, 1st January 2019 on New Year’s holiday. Clinic will be open on 2nd January 2019.

For more information please contact 02-1066999 ext. 129 or 269 or

Evaluation of Bioline HIV1/2

Pacific Biotech is proudly to inform that our Bioline HIV1/2 kit passed the performance assessment at the Department of Medical Science, Ministry of Public Health.