Clinical Lab

BRIA LAB can diagnose many diseases and physical abnormalities by screening body fluids (e.g. urine or saliva). Our team of specialists works in a standard-guaranteed laboratory to deliver accurate and prompt results.

Surgical Pathology

With up-to-date medical innovations and technologies, BRIA LAB is a leader among the few pathology service providers in Thailand. Our experienced staff delivers reliable and accurate results.

Lateral Flow Test

These test kits use the principle of immunochromatography rather than complex medical appliances and require no specialized analysis. Lateral Flow Tests kits can screen for many infectious diseases, as well as test for ovulation, pregnancy or drug abuse.

Health Check Up Program

BRIA Health Center provides 9 different health check-up programs to fit each individual’s lifestyle. Check up programs include: testing for Hepatitis A, B, and C, pre-wedding health checks, diabetes, physical dysfunction, allergy screening, and age related ailments.

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